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andro® SHIFTER Powersponge (andro® SHIFTER Powersponge)
andro Shifter Powersponge
is the ideal choice for players who put their focus on control.
Its soft and elastic sponge provides an excellent service regarding fault tolerance and it makes
andro Shifter Powersponge become indispensable for youngsters that are learning new techniques.
More experienced players take advantage of the combination of high control and the spinny surface
that permits a variable playing style. Furthermore it leads passive as well as offensive strokes
to their targets, no matter how difficult they are. Beyond that andro Shifter Powersponge
gives you the ultimate choice between two mounting options (0° or 90°)!
andro® SHTER (andro® SHIFTER)

andro Shifter – This rubber has what it takes to become a classic! Its very spinny,
hard surface and the flexible medium sponge build up the core of this rubber. Excellent spin,
control and pleasant speed are the results, when surface and sponge are interacting with each other.
Every player type can take advantage of these characteristics – no matter if you prefer
a passive playing style or powerful offensive strokes. andro ShifterÙs unique advantage
is the possibility for you to chose between two different ways to assemble the
rubber: 0° for more speed, 90° for more spin and control. The sum of these characteristics
make andro Shifter a real star among all-round rubbers!

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